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CtrlBase Trading Software 

CtrlBase is a modular trading solution, which can be used in various situations in the most diverse situations. The basis for this is a particularly powerful management module in the Cloud. Simple but extensive product management plays a crucial role in this. By using price lists, articles can be sold on different markets. Numerous applications can therefore be linked to the central product management.

This can vary from wholesale, web shop, a store with one or more cash registers, multiple stores to shop-in-shop or franchise constructions and even combinations of these. The use of CtrlBase software takes place on a monthly subscription basis. You do not have to invest heavily, pay a fixed amount per month and you can start immediately. Our CtrlBase App keeps you up-to-date on your current situation and even offers additional tools, such as inventories, wherever you are.

Of course CtrlBase also offers, in addition to our own trading software, a wide range of cash register systems, cash drawers, printers, scanners and all conceivable tools, so that all your facilities are perfectly coordinated. With 20 years of experience in the trade sector, we would like to think along with you!.

Our software is available in Dutch, German and English.




CtrlBase Wholesale offers you full control over goods flows, availability, order processing, invoicing and reporting. Whether you are on the shop, or in one of your warehouses, on the way to a customer or temporarily on an exhibition. Your trading software runs completely in the Cloud, so you always have your current business under control.

CtrlBase Wholesale not only offers you the usual functions, but also goes deep into details when it comes to decisiveness and delivery reliability. Extensive functions for import and export, stock management in foreign currencies at multiple locations and mutual distribution is just a few of the many applications that our software offers you, through years of experience in this sector

CtrlBase Wholesale is, despite the many possibilities, very easy to use and expand with our POS solutions for shops or the module for various external shop-in-shop participations.


CtrlBase Retail offers every practical functionality that you can expect from a good cash register. The article management, price lists, and stock management in the Cloud is again central here. Your cash register in the store will be updated real-time with the information from your management environment in the Cloud.

CtrlBase Retail is suitable for the sale of all piece goods and comes with a PIN and / or Cashless link, import modules and employee module. Our App ensures that you stay up-to-date on your current sales in real time and offers many additional functions.

CtrlBase Retail is designed for scalability, both in the front-end and back-end. Whether it concerns a shop assortment with 1 cash register or a chain formula with central warehouses and multiple stores. Whether you have a small or large assortment, you want to expand your own assortment with shop-in-shop articles or perhaps you want to participate in external shop-in-shop formulas.


CtrlBase SiS has been specially developed for Shop-in-Shop formulas. Almost 20 years of experience within this concept guarantee our unique all-in-one solution. All aspects of the Shop-In-Shop concept are covered in our software. From the online management system, the stand spaces are divided and the commercial agreements are recorded, which are automatically processed for all transactions.

CtrlBase SiS is a unique module that is combined in our software with the basic functionality of our CtrlBase Wholesale and CtrlBase Retail solutions. Another unique aspect is that all exhibitors have their own online article management. In this way, responsibilities are separated, participants can easily participate in multiple Shop-In-Shop stores and manage them centrally. Registration and cancellation of participants is possible per month.

CtrlBase SiS can be used in both the wholesale and consumer sectors. All participants can even manage both sectors centrally.

Why trading companies choose CtrlBase?


Low threshold

For a low amount per month you already have an extensive package for your trading company. Our modules are low-threshold and in proportion to the size of your activities, you choose the modules that suit you. No towering investments and ballast of extensive packages or reinvestment if the existing package no longer suits you. CtrlBase has no annoying limits on the number of orders or transactions.



Modular you can adapt CtrlBase to your own situation. CtrlBase is particularly efficient and suitable for small businesses as well as for very large organizations. You can add additional stores, branches, cash registers or warehouses at any time, even if they are temporary. This makes CtrlBase also very efficient if you sometimes have to contract or want to take advantage of new opportunities.



CtrlBase is very versatile. By combining the central management with the modular trading activities, you can create every conceivable composition.You no longer have to think in advance which solution suits you best and can anticipate new opportunities and market situations at any time. Because we develop CtrlBase in-house, customization is of course also possible.


Everything under control

Your customers, assortment and pricing policy require a lot of attention. That is why you must be able to rely blindly on your back-end system. With the CtrlBase management system in the Cloud,you always have control over your current business. Your changes to the back-end system are implemented immediately or planned. Current reporting helps you to make the right decisions at any time.

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